Role of QCA

Our role as Qualified Coordinating Agency (QCA)

In August 2015, the CERC came up with the Framework on Forecasting, Scheduling and Imbalance Handling for Wind and Solar Generators Connected to ISTS as a substitute to previous RRF Mechanism. The IEGC and DSM regulations were suitably amended to incorporate this framework. The CERC’s (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) ‘Framework on Forecasting, Scheduling and Imbalance Handling for Wind and Solar Generators Connected to ISTS’ has been in place since August 2015. Thereafter in March 2017, CERC approved detailed procedure to implement the framework which was drafted by Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO). The procedure details out the various data requirements and formats as well as the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders involved. It also includes wind/solar parks connected at the Interstate level in its scope.

After the FoR (Forum of Regulators) released the ‘Model Regulations on Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement of Wind and Solar Generators at the State Level’ (referred to as the FoR model regulations) in November 2015, various states like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu has come out with their final ‘Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement Mechanism for Wind & Solar Generators’ regulations where the presence of ‘Qualified Coordinating Agency (QCA)’ has been made to undertake all technical and commercial aspects under the scope of the regulation. QCA means the agency coordinating on behalf of Wind/Solar Generators connected to a pooling station.

As a QCA our scope of Work includes

  • Providing schedules with periodic revisions as per respective regulation on behalf of all the Wind/Solar Generators connected to the pooling station(s).
  • Undertaking commercial settlement of all charges on behalf of the generators, including payments to the State UI pool accounts through the concerned SLDC.
  • Undertaking de-pooling of payments received on behalf of the generators from the State UI Pool account and settling them with the individual generators.
  • Undertaking commercial settlement of any other charges on behalf of the generators as may be mandated from time to time.


  • Collecting SCADA data on Agency’s Central ftp server for each and individual turbine from the turbine manufacturer/developer with suitable recommendation and appropriate uptime with data security for each individual generator /IPP.
  • Accumulating the weather data from the reputed agencies on central server.
  • Organising the generation of Forecast based on the weather data from one or more agencies / weather forecasters

Scheduling & 24*7 Operations with monitoring:

  • Collecting Forecasting data from our Agency’s own Forecasting.
  • Collecting machines availability data (under maintenance or under breakdown) from Wind/Solar Farm Generator / O&M service provider or their identified agency.
  • Incorporating machine availability data in the scheduling engine
  • On the basis of forecast generating or received from Forecasting Service Provider (FSP), generating day ahead and revised schedule based on various factors and submitting the Forecasted power schedule to respective SLDC / RLDC in the prescribed format of (96 time blocks).
  • Submission of the revised intra-day schedules to SLDC / RLDC as per the required timelines. Sharing the copy of schedules / revised schedules sent to SLDC/RLDC with Generators on real time basis.
  • Assimilating the SCADA data of different turbines/inverters to derive Power Generation data for a Generating Plant.
  • Comparison of the scheduled data accepted by SLDC with actual generation for each 15 (fifteen) minute time block and checking the over/ under generation thus calculating the generation above/below prescribed limits and finally calculating the Deviation charges (for each particular 15 (fifteen) minute time block).
  • Collecting the metered data of actual power production through DAS from pooling station provided DAS is installed by Generator/Developer
  • Providing the Services on best effort basis and the Agency shall not take any commercial responsibility for the variation in Forecasts from scheduled energy.
  • Coordination with SLDC, DISCOM for State connected renewable energy generation plants or any other agencies for the scope specified above.
  • Central generation and monitoring facility operating 24x7 to monitor real time observations from site and to achieve better accuracy.
  • Providing user access for Web based Wind scheduling tool to monitor & download data of the actual generation, Forecasted / scheduled power submitted to SLDC and performance of turbines for the wind farm of WTGs owned by an individual Generation only.

Hardware & Software:

  • Agency maintains the hardware and software to manage incoming data from SCADA & other relevant data from generators or developers, inflow/outflow of data to/from weather Forecaster to maintain Forecasting and scheduling.
  • The viewing access of our Renewable Forecasting & Scheduling web portal will also be provided to the developer/ generator for their own respective turbines. The performance of the turbines/inverters and the status of power generation, availability of turbines/inverters, etc. can be viewed. (Respect to availability of SCADA in prescribed format).

Deviation charges and accounting & De-pooling of charges:

Energy Comparison & Commercial settlement (as per respective SERC Deviation Settlement Mechanism as applicable)

  • Calculation of deviations as per terminology, Error % = ((Act –Sch)/AvC) * 100 , where AvC is available capacity.
  • Calculations of deviations & charges beyond specified threshold error% as highlighted under SERC regulations.
  • Apportioning of deviation charges among all the generators connected at respective pooling station (as highlighted in the regulation or by the means of consensus of generators).
  • Settlement of deviations beyond exemption limit defined by the concerned SERC between the state and the Wind/Solar Farm in accordance with the energy account issued by UI/DSM Pool account.
  • Undertake De-pooling of payments received on behalf of the generators from the state UI/DSM pool account and settling them with the individual generators connected to the pooling station.
  • Ensuring that the deviation charges are settled on a weekly basis by the individual generators based on their actual generation or as mutually agreed by all connected to a particular pooling station.
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